Let’s talk Kyiv

We’ve lived in Ukraine for almost two years now. I still remember when I told my parents we were moving here from Budapest, it was at the height of the Maidan Revolution. Nedless to say, they weren’t overly excited and some of my friends questioned my sanity. Fair enough. There were times I almost agreed with them. But when it came time to move, it was post-Maidan & even though there were still some visable reminders left on the town, it was a much calmer Kyiv we arrived to. 

Kyiv is a beautiful city, filled with amazing architecture and wall paintings such as the one below.There are parks everywhere for kids and adults alike (read with public wifi), small cosy coffee shops spread throughout the town and great reataurants alike. Basically, there’s something for everyone. And, in comparison to many other European cities, it’s still quite cheap in comparison & (unfortunately) the lack of tourists makes the city less over crowded than many of its counterparts. Personally I think it is a shame that so many are missing out on its beauty.  But the conflict in the East scares away potential tourists I think. But take it from someone who has lived here for the last two years’s, with a 6-year old, that of course it affects the overall society but never have I been afraid for my safety or the safety of my daughter. We are having an amazing time here I do hope that more visitors will come to this “forgotten” gem. Guestroom is available.

Love from Kyiv ❤️

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