“My mama was a Rolling Stone” 

That could be a line from my daughter in 20 or so years. Maybe that’s exactly how she’ll describe me and my restless soul & love for challenges that has so far taken her to three different countries in the first six years of her life. She’s Swedish, but so far she’s only lived there for the first 4-months of her life. The remaing years of her (almost) 7 years on this planet has been divided between Hanoi, Vietnam – Budapest, Hungay and Kyiv, Ukraine. Sweden, for Ms S, is that country you go to when school’s out & you long to get pampered by Grandmas & Grandpas or your aunts & uncle. ❤️

And then there’s that amazing partner of mine. The man with a huge heart who has given up so much in order to support my itch and follow me around the world, and loving it (most of the time at least). The man who says “hm, why not?” when I suggest the most odd places to move to & who always have my back. No matter what. A man who pushes me to be the best I can be and who has nothing but love for us.

This blog will be a journal of our life & travels. Mostly directed towards our own family & friends in order to minimize the damage we’ve caused by not having been home for the last 12 years, for having deprived the Grandma’s and Grandpa’s of Ms S, for me having taken my parent-in-law’s son away from safety for too long & for leaving a country every 3-4 years and with that, leaving good friends behind. Cause that’s what we do. Not because we like to, but because that’s how my work goes.

So this is us saying THANK YOU for always being there when we need you. For providing us with shelter when we need & for forgiving us for not being there all too often. But where ever in the world you are, know we love you & we miss you and we wish you we’re here.

Enjoy. We’ll keep you posted. ❤️

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