And so the Eurovision hysteria begins.

I simply don’t get it. Someone please explain to me what it’s all about? And please don’t say the music because then I’ll unfriend you on Facebook and delete your contact details from my phone. Acceptable answers would be “it’s so crappy it’s almost entertaining” or “The Candy Crush server went down and I needed a couple of hours to brainwash myself” or even “apparently that guy/girl from xx country looked hot, I need to have a look”. But not the music people, that stopped being true a long time ago. 

Now a days the whole thing is a spectacle of weird outfits and even stranger lyrics wrapped up in an expensive gala which will undoubtably draw attention and tourists to the city that hosts the horrific event, but it has stopped being about music. And for a music loving Swede like myself, that’s the reason I stay way clear of it and I can proudly say that my (almost) 7-year old daughter has no idea what Eurovision is. If that’s not a sign of good parenting then I don’t know what is.

There is one thing I like about Eurovision however and that is that there is probably no show on earth that cause so much debate or vivid discussions (well apart from Victoria’s Secret annual fashion show perhaps..) and we all now how I love to debate. So bring it on good folks, I’m up for the challenge and will proudly run as President for the nay side. 

On that note, it’s good night from Kyiv. Sleep well my friends! ❤️ 

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