It’s been a weekend of boobs & mirrors

Yes, you read me right. This was the weekend I finally got some boobs! Although they did require a sign saying “wide (and droopy) load”. They were given to me by a sketch artist at a fundraising event for Ms S’s School and only took about ten minutes to attach and they were free. Fabulous! 😊 Sadly though, when I woke up this morning, things were back to normal again. No “wide load” sign needed (well perhaps for my hips but that’s a more permanent sign post). 

But it wasn’t all about boobs. They also held an auction in where you could bid on certain prices such as “country baskets” filled with goodies from an array of different countries (the Swedish one was indeed one of the better…) but there was also some handmade pieces such as jewelry and mirrors. We eyed up one straight from the beginning and laid a bid quickly. Next to that mirror stood another mirror which, at first sight, looked odd but oh my, it grew on me throughout the night… It’s kind of Halloweenish when you first look at it and maybe that’s what finally draws your attention to it because at the end of the night, I had Tobias persuade the woman who won the bid to sell it to us which she did. 👏🏻👏🏻 I’m looking forward to finding just the right spot for it…  

And yes, we won the bidding on the second one to (!!) so now we have two mirrors made by Ukrainian artists. 😊While we were out, Ms S was home with Ms E and our babysitter Vika. They were watching Eurovision (for a while..) and, of course, taught Vika all about their Minecraft worlds. All in all, a good Saturday. Here’s hoping you’ve had a good weekend too! 

Love from Kyiv ❤️

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