Rain, birthday parties & no Bridezilla in sight.

It’s been raining for non-stop (or so it feels like) in Kyiv lately. And to top it off, it’s cold too! Waking up to a grey sky & 9 degrees in the morning is not what I consider to be mid-May appropriate, at least not for Kyiv. Stockholm is having having better weather than us for crying out loud. Fortunatley I perfected my “rainy days” behaviour long ago. It took a while but I realised that all I needed was 5 things: a comfy sofa, a blanket, cola light, a fully stocked fridge & a box with my favourite series. That’s until kids appear in the family and your cosy rainy days just seem to become fewer & fewer as the years past. Instead they’re replaced with someone asking you “what are we doing today mom??!!” at 7am on a Saturday (all weather behaviour) or “I have nothing to do mom, I’m so bored” (usually bad weather behaviour). And that from a girl with a room full of toys, books, games etc. Yeah, boredom is hard when you’re six, less hard when you’re 40. But she keeps me young. ❤️

We’re also entering what I lovingly like to call “the birthday season”. It’s how you’re able to follow just when the baby making boom in a specific year took place. For most years I think summer is the dominating season as April/May are usually the months in where birthday parties goes into turbo mode. And that’s the plan for today. I feel slightly sorry for the inviting parents though as they had planned for an outdoor, puddle pool kind of party and the themometer says 11 degrees and the sky, well, let’s just say it doesn’t look promising. But sure, it’s only 6am (don’t ask why I’m up, I’m still asking myself..) so things can change! 

And while Ms S is having the time of her life at one of her classmates birthday parties, her parents will go on a hunt for wedding rings. No let me auto-correct that one, we’re heading out to browse for rings. No hunting involved. As we have no, and I mean no, time to fix anything before the wedding at home (we land on a Saturday, get married on the Sunday), what we can’t find in Kyiv, we’ll just have to do without. So ring or no ring, dress or no dress (well I do have a closet so should be able to find something..) shoes or barefoot, this thing is going down. There’s not a single Bridezilla gene in me I’m proud to say! 😊

So there you have it, our Saturday in Kyiv, straight from the source. 

I’ll see you soon. ❤️

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