Fun Run, Proud Daddy & Submarines

Today was “Fun Run” at my daughter’s school. It’s a fundraising event in where the kids find sponsors for their participation. While my hubby may be a dedicated runner (read marathon style) our daughter is usually more hesitant but when she found out that she could collect money for charity, she went all in. 

So this morning started off with Selma filling in her list of sponsors, proudly wearing her Swedish Football shirt, ready to tackle the task. First on the list were us parents, individually of course (otherwise she would “loose one” 😊). After us followed a colleague of mine (and her friend whom Selma met when she was in Kyiv visiting), Grandma’s & Grandpa’s & aunts and uncles. The list grew longer & longer…Once at school, it was quite a crowd. Selma spotted her best friend & off they all went to the park where they had marked up a 1km lap.

You were allowed to run as many laps as you could during one hour and I was firmly counting on Selma to run one lap while her dad clocked in several more (marathon man, remember). But to my amazement, she managed 3. Not bad for a six year old. The surroundings didn’t hurt either. 

And the fact that Kyiv was on its best behaviour with all sun & no rain made the whole event so much nicer.

But while I was standing there, firmly placed next to the refreshment table, holding on to sweaters and water bottles, trying to take photos with my phone, I found myself humming on “We all live on a yellow submarine”. Might have had something to do with this beauty we passed on our way to the park. 

 Only in Kyiv. 😊

So all in all a wonderful family fun day on a sunny Sunday. 

Love from Kyiv ❤️

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