Contingency exercise, gummy bears and a blue sofa.

It’s been a crazy week for sure. It’s strange but somehow, every year, it’s the same story. May is the month of mayhem. It’s kind of like life wants to punish you a bit before it releases you on vacation. Well maybe not life, rather your boss. But this time, the blame is on me. You see a while back I suggested to my Nordic colleagues that we’d do a common Nordic Contingency Exercise. (I’m sure the suggestion came up during a “calm period” in where I thought we needed something big to plan..) Fair enough, they all agreed and a series of meeting started and a scenario was scripted. But preparation is key in these events and seeing we had four external players, coordination wasn’t easy. Or rather, it took time. So it was decided that we should hold the exercise itself in the end of May. THAT month again…

And so the day arrived, script ready & staff members all pumped up. It was time to test our abilities of working in a crisis mode. I, together with a colleague took on thr role of playing “Observers” in order to be able to give feedback to colleagues afterwards, something equally important as participating as the goal is to learn and identify areas of improvement. At 09.11 the first EXERCISE email showen up on peoples email screen and off we went.. The exercise continued for aproximately 3 hours under which the phone rang off the hook and we were visited by one of our fantastic volunteers whom players the role of “person in distress.” Not once, but 3 times and in 3 different roles. Extremely valuable as it teaches you have to act under distress. Same with incoming, desperate, phone calls so my biggest shout out goes to our amazing volunteers whom made it all seem very real.

I though it would be complete chaos to be honest (especially since the script was very intense and they had NO knowledge of what was coming) but it went beyond expectations. So proud over my colleagues and it shows that with Team Work, anything is possible. Are there lessons to be learned? Absolutely! But that’s the whole point of an exerecise.. It’s not meant to be perfect. And when it was all over, all participants gathered for discussions and “lessons learned” sharing. All in all, a great and valuable working day.Friday, on the other hand, was all about Ms Selma’s school concert. She has been preparing for it for some time by learning the lyrics to several songs, including the all annoying “I’m a gummy Bear”. Yes, say what you want but that song can, and will, drive you crazy. But when it was time and all first graders gathered to show the parents what it was all about, it went from being annoying to simply adoreable.. Keep an eye on the red dress. ❤️​​I mean, just how cute can you get? She is a show girl for sure, loves singing & dancing but most of all, acting out (in so many different ways…) 😊 And we couldn’t be prouder of her. 

But after a week of exercise, meetings and the concert, the only way this working week would end was on this. At 8.30pm last night. Well needed. Minus Hello Kitty though. Wishing you all a relaxing weekend! 

Love from Kyiv ❤️

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