Friends, National Day and that little thing we call vacation…

One thing about living like a vagabond is that it’s hard to maintain friendships. When you’re home for a couple of weeks once or twice per year, there’s a whole lot of socialising needed. When all you really want to do is find a quiet spot, grab a book and rest. That’s the thing, all of a sudden your vacation isn’t really a vacation anymore. Another pesky detail is the fact that they’re spread out all over the world which doesn’t make it easier…  

But instead of stressing about it, I surround myself with few, but precious friends who understand how this life is and who forgives me for not being the most communicative person from time to time. They know I’ll prioritize them when I can, that I’m forever grateful for having them in my life & that I’m always here if they need me. 

One of those dear friends live in Warsaw at the moment. Our daughters went to the same kindergarden in Budapest and it wasn’t just the kids who bonded. In total we were four moms with four strong minded girls living it up in Hungary. We called them the Girlie Mafia. Suitable name, trust me. 

A couple of summers ago they visited us in Sweden during Midsummer, our biggest and most popular holidays in Sweden (I’ll save that story for later..) and for the trip we bought both girls a National costume in order to celebrate their visit. It was a hit. From that day on, Selmas friend Ms H became an honorary Swede. So naturally, when they came over to visit us in Kyiv last year, the National dress came along. I took a picture of both girls sitting on our balcony in their dresses and it made the perfect picture for celebrating our National Day yesterday. A bit of Sweden in Kyiv. ❤️Could you be any cuter..?

Us Swedes celebrate our National Day on 6 June in honour of two historical events. On 6 June 1523, Gustav Vasa was elected king, and on the same date in 1809, we adopted a new constitution. But to be honest, most of us has no idea why we celebrate and it wasn’t made a public holiday until 2004. What can I say, we’re not much for waving flags or expressing ourselves in public.

Enough about that. Let’s focus on the fact that my annual vacay is coming up in a week and a half and I couldn’t be happier.. It’s much needed after an intense spring and the news that we’re leaving Kyiv for Beijing later on this summer. It also means I’m getting married in less than two weeks. Jikes. 

On that note, have a great evening. 

Love from Kyiv ❤️ 

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  1. I ALMOST didn’t open your post. I’ve been disconnected from FB lately and have not posted on the blog since January. Miss you guys!! Am sending you a CHAT RIGHT NOW!!!


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