Culinary heaven on the road to vacation.

Never would I even consider using the words crispy calamari, chili, coconut and caramelized popcorn in the same sentence. Until I made aquaintance with the chef at BAO. And it was love at first bite. 🙏🏻This little piece of culinary heaven here in Kyiv. And we’ve only just met. Right when it’s time to leave. Such a shame. BAO is a gem, serving modern Chineese food in a way I’ve never tasted before. And we tasted a lot..From classic spring rolls (amaze) to aparagus & shrimp salad with a spicy sauce (yum!) to Hector’s Favourite Shrimp Wontons (OMG..) and nothing, I mean nothing, was disappointing. Rather the opposite. These little gems of food kept coming & coming and made us happier as the night went on. And just when we thought it couldn’t get any better. Dessert. 

Gentle vanilla mousse with fresh pineapple, passionfruit on an almond crumble. Can I get an amen please? ❤️

The place was hyped up before we went but it ticked all our expectations and went  even way beyond. That’s all I can say. Even the decor was right up my alley, loving the open kitchen area where you could see the chef working away. The art work covering the ceiling looked like they were floating.And even the entrance to the bathroom was so inviting that you just had to go. Washing your hands in the stylish sink was a pure joy (can I please have one at home…?)And even though the rain was pouring down when we left, our stomachs were happier than they’ve been in a long while. I’ve found my Mecca right here in Kyiv.Some people prefer the Eastern European kitchen, this is my piece of heaven. And soon, dim sum will be available en masse. Personally, I can’t wait..

Now, 3 more days before going on vacation. And by the end of this week, I’ll be a married woman. Who would have thought? Exciting times ahead.

Love from Kyiv. ❤️


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