Wedding, visas & vacation!

Well we’re off! I’m officially on vacation. 😊 Up until now things have been calm and I haven’t been stressed at all, but then comes the whole “flying” thing. After so many years in this business I’m still not comfortable giving up control and getting on a plane. I’d never let it stop me but don’t ask my fiancé what kind of travel partner I am. Let’s just say he usually stacks up on something for me to chew on and blames it on low blood sugar.. 

Yesterday was an evening of mixed emotions. Saying “see you later” to dear friends is never easy. But my new motto is saying “I’m not sad, I’m happy to have met you in the first place”. But I’m an adult and can, hopefully, handle my emotions. It’s harder for my 6-year old who’s leaving two of her good friends behind. Elsa & Aiyah.She’s done it before but as she’s getting older, she’s realising the consequences much more. While we were having lunch yesterday in order to celebrate summer break, she all of a sudden looked very sad and said “I’ll never get to see Aiyah again…” I told her “but honey you can Skype and send letters” then she looked at me and said “yes, but I can’t touch her”. I didn’t know she was taking it so hard. I keep forgetting she’s growing up. But it looks like she wasn’t the only one having a hard time coping. A Facebook message later on in the evening revealed that there had been tears and discussions in Aiyah’s household too. Apparently she had decided that they were also moving to China. So her mom decided it would be best for her, emotionally, if she wrote down a list of “things to do” before they moved. And so she did, and her mom shared that list with us last night. My heart just exploded. ❤️ How can you not love it? That’s true friendship. And Aiyah, you are always welcome to come stay with Selma in Beijing. 💕

So after many goodbye’s it’s back to Sweden we go! I can’t wait to see my family and spend some quality time with them. And to see my two amazing boys who are coming home from Singapore!!! Auntie’s favourite guys!! ❤️❤️ I’ve missed you and will see you soon! 

And then we have the big day tomorrow. After 10 year’s we’re doing it. I am so grateful to my sister for organising everything.. She’s a true Rock Star. 🙏🏻 I’m not nervous at all actaually. Just excited. I mean, what’s there to be nervous about? I’m marrying the love of my life. ❤️The man who stands by me through thick & thin. The man who (like today) says “I know you’re stressed hun but just relax” (especially since we cleared check-in & customs we 2 1/2 hrs to spare…) and who loves me unconditionally. ❤️ Not marrying him would be a huge mistake. 

And come Monday, as our first day as Mr & Mrs, we’re handing in our visa applications for China. Exciting times ahead for sure. 

So see you soon Sweden, we can’t wait.

Love from Kyiv ❤️


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