Welcome to lake country.

So Midsummer. The most traditional Swedish celebration of all. Forget National Day or Christmas Eve, Easter stands no chance and eat your heart out Halloween. This is how us Swedes like to party. 

Midsummer for dummies

Midsummer is a family oriented holiday, more so than any other day (apart from Christmas Eve perhaps) and it’s also the weekend when most of us flee the big city and it’s comforts in exchange for mosquitos, no running water & “utedass” (outdoor toilet) in the garden.Yes, it’s the weekend we go back to our roots. It is also the time of the year when the nights are long and bright, where 11 o’clock at night could just as well be 11 o’clock during the day. There’s hardly any difference.

For us, this year it meant joining my sister and her family at their summer house in Sörböle, at the outskirts of Sundsvall. We left Stockholm lunch time on Wednesday and began the 370km ride up north. About half way through we stopped at the popular pitstop Törreboda for a coffee and ice-cream. So why is it so popular? See for yourself.They even have a playground with a view for the kids to play and shake off their car  legs at.After the break we continued up and arrived to the summer house together with both my mom & my sister and her family. My brother-in-law first noticed something wasn’t right when he noticed that the gate up to the house was open. After a short drive up to the house his fear came true, burglers had been to the house and taken anything and everything of value and turned the house upside down. Idiots. My sister & brother-in-law have spent so much time and money on their little escape and for someone to come and destroy it and take their hard earned stuff truly pisses me off. Not to mention my brother-in-law.. The mayhem and the fact that the police had to come and do a report led me and Tobias to the kids (plural) and check in to a hotel for the night. After a good nights sleep and a hearty hotel breakfast, we headed back to the house and it was nice to see that things were “back to normal” again. Well, as normal as it could be. But it was so nice to finally “arrive” to this beautiful place. It’s indeed a little piece of heavenly tranquility.And so the period of relaxation could truly begin. And I mean total relaxation as there is no reception on the phone and wifi/3G what? First couple of hours feel so strange and unusual, but you slowly get use to it. But when I, by chance, happen to switch on the TV and heard that Brexit had happened, I understood just how “off the grid” we had been for the last 24-hours and how much the world had changed. Never ever did I think they’d vote to leave. But enough of that, let’s get back to Midsummer.

Traditionally, on Midsummer, it’s pouring rain and freezing cold. We usually say that it’s not Midsummer unless you have to “evacuate” at least once due to heavy rain. But not this year.. +25 degrees and sunshine all dag long. That, good food, great company and a fantastic location made this Midsummer superb. Just what we needed. And the evening ended with a stroll together with my husband through amazing surroundings. This is Sweden at its best and it is days like these that makes me home sick. But it is also days like these that makes me proud in promoting our country abroad. It’s been an amazing couple of days & it’s been great to spend quality time with the family. Now the vacation continues in Stockholm. Update to follow. 

Love from Sweden ❤️

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