Vacation, part three

The third leg of our vacation has taken us to Jönköping, a town close to Mullsjö where my husband grew up and where his parents and siblings now reside. It’s a beautiful town, especially during summer as it’s situated by the lake Vättern and Munksjön, a smaller lake in the middle of the city center. There’s also lots of different cafés and parks across the city. 

I bought myself a Nutri Ninja on my first day here, spurred on by Tobias mom and a will to get more vegetables and fruits in to my life. Furthermore I’ve enlisted my marathon running hubby to powerwalk me around Munksjön every morning. He’s followed me a couple of mornings but I’ve found it to be a nice “quiet time” for myself so I’m on my own now a days. He’s doing quite fine on his own on the other hand… It’s a 5km route so a great start to the morning. And the view, well, it’s fab.With 2 kids in the house, Selma’s cousin Elise is here too, the focus is on outdoor activities and parks. Today we walked up the hill to “Stadsparken” (City Park) where they have a huge playground and a lovely restaurant with fantastic outdoor seating where we had lunch. A great sunny summer day indeed. And these two.. ❤️

Love from Jönköping. ❤️

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