West Coast Sweden. Part One.

It all started on Monday morning when we said goodbye to Selma’s cousins who were heading home to Uppsala and we for a two day visit to Gothenburg together with Grandma & Grandpa.Selma was all prepared and slightly over-excited for the two fun filled days to come.Monday afternoon was dedicated to Universeum, a mecca for curious kids who wish to explore everything from the Rainforest to Mammuts to the human body. It’s a huge place in the middle of the city and it was Ms S first time there. We started at the top and made our way down, through the water ways of Sweden, the Rainforest and deadly beauties.. Selma and I stayed with the sharks while the rest of the gang explored the reptile department. We were both happy to pass on that one.. And with this cutie to entertain us, who wouldn’t? He’s clearly been around for a while and knows how to work his best side for the visitors.But he was in great company too and Selma was thriller to spot some “Dorys”. Apart from the “animal section” there is a more exploratory side to Universeum where the kids can try out how to be an astronaut, how much they would weigh on different planets, or try out different jobs in “jobbis”. All in all, it’s a fantastic place and you could probably spend days in there. And if the queue outside is too long (which was the case on Monday..) there’s even a playground for the kids outside and a coffee place for the parents 😊 All in all a fantastic place and I highly recommend it for any visiting parents coming to Gothenburg. You can find their website here: Universeum

After four hours or so we headed towards the Hotel for the evening, Gothia Towers. It’s a massive complex of three high rises close to both Universeum and Liseberg. And since that was the second part of our trip, it was the perfect resting place.We checked in on the 13th floor and had an amazing view over what was to come the next day. Nedless to say, one Member of our party was so thrilled. The rest of us were just keeping our finger’s the weather would hold up..Most of us adults were exhausted but the 6-years old was more over-excited. We decided to find something to eat close by to the Hotel in order to save some energy for the next day and stumbled on a restaurant called “Cyrano”. Their Goat Cheese pizza was one of the best pizza I’ve had in my life and I’ve tried plenty. In several different countries. You wanna try it yourself? Cyrano Gothenburg

The rest of the evening was spent mentally preparing for Liseberg. One way more than the rest of us..The result of day two of our West Coast trip will follow soon. Teaser? Try 20,000 steps and 13,5 hours. 

Love from Sweden ❤️

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