13,5 hours. I repeat, thirteen and a half hours.

That’s how long my 6-year old managed to drag us all along Liseberg, Gothenburgs amusement park in the middle of the city center.Thirteen and a half hours. I’m still in awe of this girl and despite the look on her face (could you look more in despair?) she was all in. Through the Hotel we had pre-booked a Priority Pass which allowed us to enter the park 1 1/2 hours before it officially opened its doors to the public. That meant we were in the queue by 09.20 waiting to start the day. And let me tell you, the priority pass was worth every single penny. It allowed Ms. Selma to go on every ride she wanted to, over and over again, without having to queue up for 30-40 mins. And her mother could enjoy watching her run around like a crazy rabbit.

The park has a designated area for younger kids called “Kaninlandet” (Rabbit Country). It’s fabulous and has lots of rides for kids (and adults alike) and Selma adores it. Mom too for that matter considering I can’t ride anything that moves too quick or sideways or I’ll spend the rest of the day behind a bush promising some higher power that I’ll never go again as long as the world stops spinning so fast. I blame old age. My husband thinks I’m a chick. Which ever’s true, it’s still a fab area.

And as you can see, we were pretty much alone 😊

Any ride that provide kids with a “real” driver’s license sporting their picture on it is sure to pull a crowd. Such is true for “Farfarsbilarna” (Grandpa cars), which is one of Selma’s absolute favourites. She came home with two licenses. Could have been many more if it wasn’t for that 30-40 mins wait to go on the slowest ride in the park.. 

That toothless smile says it all though.. It’s clearly worth the wait. ❤️

There were many moments throughout the day that deserve a special mention. My constant craving for unhealty food could be one, or when hubby dragged me up in a roller coaster with a 70 degree descent could be another (thankfully there’s no picture evidence of my slightly horrific experience) but one thing absolutely worth mentioning is my daughter’s deal with her dad that she would go on the water coaster (Flume Ride) with him if he did the swings with her. Ms S looked cool as a cucumber when riding Flume Ride, dad not so much before the rose him up in the air on the swing..He even mouthed out a quiet “help me” before they took off. 😂 You’ve gotta love the grin on Selma’s face however..

And as the day passed into afternoon, mom grew more tired while her daughter went into second and third gear. If only one could have half the energy that she does…

She even managed to squeeze in a love boat ride with Grandpa as well as herself. 

When I asked her from my photo spot if she was having a nice ride by herself she answered “yes, it’s calm and quiet and no one is talking to me in an annoying voice”. Say what?!? 😳

And there we have it. We were first in line in the morning and we closed it down in the evening. 

Would I do it again? In a heartbeat. The smile on my daughter’s face was worth the 13.5 hours as well as the 2 hour drive back home in the evening. It was even worth feeling like we had the worst hangover of our lives the day after due to pure exhaustion and possibly a mild dehydration. 

We had a great time and I filled up on laughter & memories which will hopefully keep me sane for the coming months. Because you see, my vacation is officially over tomorrow and it’s time to head back to Kyiv to finish off before our take off to Beijing. But an empty apartment and +35 degrees & no friends in town means Ms Selma will stay on in Sweden with her dad & grandparents until we leave in the middle of August. So tonight I’m sleeping next to my snoaring beauty because it will be a whole month until I’ll see her again…😔 I know she’ll have so much fun though so that makes it easier. 

Love from Sweden. ❤️

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