Dentist, adventure bath & Strawberry cake

Sometimes life throws you a curveball. This time it was an acute tooth ache which forced us to change our flight back to Kyiv & prolong our rental car.. 20 mins out from Jönköping my daughter started screaming in pain and we had to book an emergency appointment with the dentist. And in the world of Ms S, that’s not an easy thing as she fears the dentist more than anything..  So it’s not just booking S a time, it’s also explaining and coaching her not to be afraid. And let me be brutally honest here, it includes a lot of bribing. A lot. And since dad continued on to do his trail run in Trollhättan and left me to do the coaching (ok before you damn him totally it was my suggestion..) I of course used him and said that dad would do anything she wanted on Saturday bar that she did good at the dentist. 😊 That’s just fair. 

And good she did. Sure, there was some screaming and some crying and at one point she looked like she would hit the poor guy helping her out, but she did what they said and managed to get a temporary relief. But the paste they put in was (in the words of Ms S) “sooooo minty mom” which led her to spit like a cowboy for the coming hours. Never seen anything like it before. 

So what did she chose for her “I can do what ever I want day”? Rosenlund Adventure Bath of course. What else.She loves the slides, the wave maker etc. She is a little dolphin. Mom though, not so much. And it has nothing to do with me being afraid of water – I used to swim a lot when I was younger – it has more to do with disliking the whole collective bathing thing for some reason. Or that I don’t feel comfortable in a bathing suit?! Fortunatley I have a hubby who’s all in so I could sit and watch. 

And today, the real last day of vacation was spent eating traditional Strawberry Cake at a Strawberry farm outside of Jönköping 🍰 together with Grandma & Grandpa. The place was beautiful & we were lucky with the weather. 

Ms S and Grandma even found the perfect spot for some serious talking.. Or so it looked like. In fact, they were counting cars on the road. After coffee & cake we played one last round of miniture golf before heading home to pack. 

And there it is. Sweden vacay at its best. But now is also time for me to leave Ms S. I won’t see her again until 17 August. My heart is aching already. Have a great time my love and I’ll see you soon. ❤️ To the moon and back.

Love from Sweden.

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