Confessions of a thick haired girl with big thighs.

C’est moi in a nut shell. Big wavy blond, thick hair and matching thighs to go with it. You wonder why I don’t like heat? There you have it. Those are my two main reasons for preferring cooler weather. But why this ranting of heat problems now? Especially since Kyiv has experienced some cooler weather lately? Well let’s just say I strayed into the weather app this evening so this is more in preparation for what’s to come… 

Let’s start with the hair shall we? The number one comment a girl like myself do not want to hear is “oh I’m so jealous of your hair, I’d also like to have thick curly hair!!” Girlfriend, you don’t know what you’re asking for… Sure, if you wanna sweat like a mad woman from your scalp, wake up with a frissy football helmet on your head and tie it up in a ponytail all the time in order not to melt, then please, be my guest…

Sure, there are times when I can allow you to be jealous. Like straight after I come out of the hairdresser’s with a do fit for Farrah Fawcett, then you can be jealous! What you don’t know though is that it took the poor woman blowdrying my hair a good hour to get it in shape, and it will take 10 mins before I whip it up in a ponytail. So don’t be fooled, this is not how I usually look. 

This is a more accurate picture!Lot less makeup and a bun. And with mini-me in the background one way or the other.

So there you have it. Thick hair may be fantastic in winter as a hat is completely unnecessary, bur come summer time, always, and I mean always, be grateful for that “thin” hair of yours and do spare some sympathy for us thick haired, swearing and sweating chicks on the street when you pass us by.

Now to those thighs.. 

Oh where to start. I might be packing a few extra kilos now a days but even when I was slimmer, my thighs have always be steardy. Let’s just say that my feet have always been firmly placed on the ground, shall we? I don’t mind that much really, especially since all the doctors keep telling me that I should be happy for my pear shared body as it minimizes the risk of heart problems. They have obviously never had to endure the pain of having their upper thighs rubbed together so badly that an itchy rash appears. It’s like having a blister between your legs. Chub rub. Let’s ponder that thought shall we? Sounds lovely right?

It’s not. And that’s why my thighs are the second reason for why I prefer spring, autumn or winter before summer… Summer is the time I get jealous. Breezy summer dresses and floating “thin” hair would be dreamy indeed. Utopia even. But it’s very clear to me after 41 year’s of living that this girl was not only Made in Sweden but also for the weather that comes with that part of the world. 

Love from Kyiv. ❤️


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