My life as a grass widow and it’s not goodbye – it’s I’m grateful to have met you.

So the 60 days have now passed which means I stopped smoking today. The app I was gonna try in order to scale down the amount I had per day got deleted kind of quickly so I haven’t really cut down, instead I’ve gone cold turkey.


Worked last time and if there’s one perk of being a stubborn taurus, it’s that you usually stick to your decisions. That said, I’ve not been the nicest of person to be around today and I would have given up my Queendom for some smokes around 6pm tonight. But no, I’m sticking to it. Maybe it’s a good thing the family’s out of town. 😋

So how do I spend my grass widow evenings here in Kyiv while my hubby & daughter are living the high life in Sweden? Well if the night isn’t spent in a dentist chair, it’s binge watching series on my computer, having dinner with a Finn or saying “I’ve glad to have met you” to my Norwegian BFF who’s going home to Oslo in less than a week. And we did so in style. The Premier Plaza has a great rooftop terrace on which we spent our last “dinner with drinks” evening for a while to come. Great weather, fantastic views, amazing friend.Good friends shape you. They inspire you to be a better person and they have a huge impact on your every day life. A good friend cares like a mom, scolds like a father, teases like a sister, irritates like a brother and loves more than a lover. They’re honest, to the point of being brutal (yes your ass looks huge in those pants) but also fiercly loyal. B and I have had that friendship here in Kyiv and will continue to have it for the rest of our lives. So you see, it’s not goodbye – it’s I’m grateful to have met you. Love you B.

But all this grass widowing is getting kind of old. Sure, it’s nice to have some time to yourself in the when you’re tired after work etc. but too much space is not good either. And I miss my little munchkin. Especially when you receive pictures line these ones…

She had just been to the hairdresser’s  and was loving the blue balls at the end of her braides. Or like this one, showing her freezing after a swim in Vättern, one of Sweden’s largest lakes which is situated in Jönköping.

Until then, love from Kyiv ❤️

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