What do non-smokers do really?

I’m working out in the mornings and I haven’t smoked for four days. Took a “how hooked on nicotine are you” test yesterday and only scored a 4(?) out of 12. And no, I’m not pregnant. Something weird is going on. I don’t recognize myself anymore. And to be honest, I’m not feeling that bad. Sure, cravings come and go but I can handle them. What I’m having a harder time to handle though is the boredom. Seriously. But that’s one of my biggest problems here in life, I get bored too easy. And yes, I’m fully aware it’s the abstinence talking and not really that I’m bored because I don’t smoke anymore, but in my slightly twisted mind at the moment – my head is shouting in capital letter “WHAT THE HECK DO NON-SMOKERS DO REALLY??”

It’s clear. I need a project. Something I can use my brain and my restlessness to good use with. I just don’t know what it is yet. Suggestions are welcome. And don’t say knitting, crosswords or reading a book cause if you do, you don’t know me. If I had a permanent home I would have repainted the whole thing by now and probably refurnished the place at least once. Problem is – I don’t have any furniture to play with at the moment. Thankfully I have a Finn who keeps me entertained at the gym in the mornings. Or rather, we entertain each other. Complaining is key when you work out in the morning and we are extremely good at that. 🙂 Equally we’re good at kicking ass. Oh yes.

The evenings, however, are filled with less kicking ass and more ass sitting. But not tonight.. Tonight we’re going on a sneak premiere of “Suicide Squad” with (amongst others) Joel Kinnaman. It’s exactly what I need. A laugh. And popcorn. LARGE popcorn. Why? Because honey, I’ve earned it.

Love from Kyiv. ❤



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