T-minus 14 days until take-off and oh yeah, day 5 as a bored non-smoker.

Day 5 in my life as a non-smoker. Kind of proud of myself for going cold turkey and managing as well as I’m doing. When I was fishing for a compliment earlier today (hang on – we all need them in times of difficulty) I had a friend saying “well I’ve managed to be Smokefree for 25 years (that’s his age) and I’m still standing”. Come on pal, that’s not really the same thing is it? Cudos to you for never starting to smoke, absolutely, but I’ve been living with the nicotin monster for as long as you’ve lived…  Kicking it to the curb isn’t that easy so give me some credit. πŸ’ͺ🏻 The boredom continues though and god knows I still don’t know what non-smokers do to keep themselves busy, but I’m darn determined to find out. While doing so I’m gonna use this blog as a place to vent as well, hope you don’t mind. πŸ˜‹

But my whole new nicotine free life is not the reason I wanted to blog tonight. I just realised that we’re moving to Beijing in two weeks as of today. Time has gone fast for sure. It’s getting more and more real the closer we get due to constant communication about practical and work related questions with my future work place. We’ve identified a short-term accomodation while waiting for our household goods to arrive and we have an appointment with Ms S new school on the Sunday we arrive in order to fit her for a school uniform. Things are coming together. And Mr T? Well he’s registered for the Beijing Marathon in late September. So there’s something in the works for everyone, that’s for sure. 😳

I’ve said it before but it’s worth repeating. This is our 5th move in 12 years so we should be pro’s but you never know what to expect. And Ms. S is getting older and more aware so I’m more concerned about that then I’ve usually been. You never know, especially since she’s 6 going on 16 with all the drama that entails.. I truly guess you get what you deserve. Maybe I should have made my mom’s life a little easier after all…? 😊 Too late for that now anyway. Guess we just have to focus on trying to make the whole process for her as smooth as possible. 

Today marked the day that my BFF left Kyiv for good and went back home to Oslo after 10 years abroad working for the state. He’ll be missed. His thoughts and concerns about moving home after such a long time abroad was a stark reminder for me of just how much we actaually put ourselves through during our postings. Or rather, how much we put our family members through. We always have a job, abroad or at home at HQ, but it’s different for our spouses. They don’t have the same stability as we have and therefore moving back home, and all that it entails, can be extremely stressful. You just have to remember that you’re a team. Whatever he/she goes through, the whole family goes through. Through thick and thin right. 

So I’ll end this ranting (I blame it on my boredom) by saying thatthe countdown has truly started. And the fact that it’s only 2 weeks until take-off also means it is only 12 days until I get to see the family again. Can’t wait. I miss them. Especially my dolphin who is currently learning how to swim back home at Grandma’s and Grandpa’s. πŸ‘πŸ» I see you honey bun and I’m so proud of you. πŸ’• ​

Have a great weekend peeps. 

Love from Kyiv. ❀️


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