Tooth extraction, mini-marathon and 14 days as a non-smoker. 

That sort of sums up this week’s happening in one single sentence. The tooth unfortunately belonged to my fantastic daughter whom in the end managed to get her teeth fixed. Like I wrote in my earlier post, it only too four tries before she found a dentist that understood her. And in the end, it took a full anesthesia in order to be able to fix her problem. Once she was out and the dentists could take a thorough look at her two problem teeth they determined that her milk tooth was damaged in a way it may cause her problems in the future. So they decided to to remove it instead. 

Apparently the cavity had gotten a stronghold at the back of the tooth which also meant it was going to be hard to maintain. So they pulled that one and fixed the smaller hole on her 6-year old tooth. So she’s all done. And now she’s made a deal with her dad. If she doesn’t eat candy (ice-cream and chips not included) for a year starting after her birthday on 27 August, she’ll get a mobile phone for her birthday next year. She’s clever and knows what she wants, that’s for sure. But I’m all for that though and if she makes it, that would be fantastic! 

This week was also the week where she ran her first medal race. Courtesy of her dad of course 😊 Last night was “The Midnight Race” or Midsnattsloppet as it’s called in Swedish. It’s a popular 10k race in Stockholm which is more an event than a record breaking race. They also have mini-versions for kids and that’s what Tobias signed her up for. She was mighty proud afterwards. Her dad decided to take things easy as well but still managed to do the 10k in 40 mins. That would be anything BUT an “easy” run for me..So I have two runners in the family now, I hope that doesn’t mean I have to get started too now… 😳

I think it’s enough at the moment that I’m two weeks Smokefree today! And I’m happy to announce that not once during those two weeks have I had a puff on anything with nicotine in it. 😊 Have I wishes I could? Heck yes. Have I even dreamt that I smoked again? Oh yes. But have I acted on it? No I haven’t and I’m damn proud of it! 

On a different note, this will be my last evening in our apartment here in Kyiv. And what an apartment it’s been. It’s an old style house, 4 meter ceiling height, old parquet floor and large windows with deep sills. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, if I could I would lift up this apartment and bring it with me around the world.. It’s been a happy home for our family for the last two years and I hope it will be the same for my colleague Maria who will be moving in after us.

As of tomorrow I’ll be staying in a hotel for the remaining nights here in Kyiv. The family is – FINALLY – coming back this week and I can’t wait to cuddle with my daughter again. Not that she’s much of a cuddler but.. And on Friday we’re off to Beijing. Hard to believe this is the last week here. 

Love from Kyiv ❤️


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