Emotinal ending and new beginnings 

It’s been a weekend of emotional goodbyes and exciting beginnings indeed. Our two years in Kyiv ended on a high note with an amazing cake from fantastic colleagues and dinner with friends at a Georgian restaurant in the evening. The cake my colleagues had ordered was amazing! It showcased all the countries I’ve lived in for the last 12 years and the one country we’ll be spending our next three years in. Couldn’t have been a more spot on cake!And as my family had (finally) joined me in Kyiv, they too could share the moment with me. I’m not one for goodbyes but it was great to have this last coffee break with my colleagues. 

I couldn’t be happier to finally be able to snuggle up to my cutie again. Not seeing your daughter for a month is way too long. 😔 But since I knew she was having a great time in Sweden, the pain was manageable. She too was happy to be back with her friends Elsa & Ylva for a final showdown. 😋 Elsa has been her best friend for the last couple of years and it was great to see the bond they have formed was still intact after two months of school holiday. ❤️The girls were heading down the subway which took us to Shoti, one of the many Georgian restaurants in Kyiv which we’ve managed to miss during our two years in the city. Like always, you intend to do things “soon” and all of a sudden, it’s bye bye time. Happened too many times. But happy to say we managed to squeeze in a visit the last evening and it was a fab evening with fantastic friends. ❤️I’m truly blessed to know so many amazing people.

The morning after it was time to leave Kyiv behind and for a whole new adventure to begin. And what an adventure it will be. More on our trip over & first days in Beijing soon. Stay tuned. 

Love from Beijing ❤️


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