Ni hao Beijing!

So we’re finally here. In the land of (according to my daughter) pandas, tsum tsum and Chinese food (although I’m pretty sure they just call it food here and I’ll explain the tsum tsum later). A couple of days have passed since we landed at Capital Airport with 6 suitcases and 3 hand luggages in the middle of the night and the confusion is still present although slightly less than the first morning. And what a first morning it was. Not often you get to wake up to a view like this one. Unless you actually live in Beijing that is. 😊 But my daughter was not impressed. I drew the curtain to show her & said “welcome to Beijing my love” and all she said was “thanks mom” and went back to sleep. The jetlag was real. 

We’ve slowly but surely started to get a grip of the neighbourhood we’re going to live in. As we’re in a temporary housing right now with no furniture in sight, this is how we do it. We walk and walk and walk until Selma (and her mom) get a meltdown due to heat exhaustion and then poor dad/hubby man up and take charge in order to make sure we make it home. But at least we’ve managed to locate both school (good thing since it’s Selma’s first day today), the nearest Jenny Lou’s (a supermarket to end ones desire to head home to stock up on groceries), an ATM machine to withdraw cash (cards not accepted) and a future Starbucks to fill up on your caffein desires. Although I have to say, these 3 weeks(!!!) as a non smoker has not only bored the heck out of me, it has also made me drink less coffee which I’m not so sure I like. I am a Swede after all, hailing from the second largest coffee drinking nation in the world (the only thing the Finns ever beat us in). Oh well, I might get my coffee addiction back some day. 

It has also dawned on us just how hot & humid the weather is here in the summer months. My hair is back to being the source of all evil. Ground zero for the waterworks coming down my forehead. 😡 But I prevail, thinking it will get cooler, some day. And until it does, we’ll be hanging here quite a lot..A little escape from heat and reality. And just in the backyard of our future home. I am thinking Ms Selma will spend more time there than in our house. A house we finally got to see yesterday after a lot of wondering & intense studying of a floor plan. Just how much do you think a floor plan will give you really? Decorating the living room will be tricky due to strange layout but other than that, we’ll be fine. The house in the middle will be ours in a couple of weeks, they just need to do some renovation first. Today was the first day for Ms S in her new school. She was clearly nervous, something I haven’t seen in her before. But it’s kind of refreshing to be honest. Only shows she’s human. ❤️ She got dressed in her school uniform this morning and stated “I think I look good mom but I have to look in the big mirror first”. Oh no you don’t my love, to me you always look like the strong girl you are! ❤️ And then, on her way to school, came the uncertainty creeping around the corner.. “But mom, what if they don’t like me..?Oh honey, you’re the sweetest girl in the world and you are so loved. Never forget that. ❤️ Needless to say, her fears were unfounded and she sprinted out of school with a big smile on her face. She had a great time and a fantastic teacher (according to herself).

So while our daughter was at school, learning about the wonders of the world and preparing for world domination like the rest of today’s youngsters, her parents were exercising a more capitalistic sport, by foot in +30 degrees – that of “finding a birthday present for your daughter good enough to be forgiven for the fact that you can’t really throw her a birthday party next weekend as you’re “homeless” and well, furnitureless to be honest”. Truth be told, however, it went so so. She wants Shopkins and think that they must be available everywhere as they are “Made in China” but that’s not the case. Damn you surprise bags with tiny toys inside, you’ve ruined a whole generation. You and the YouTube films displaying how to open the darn things and equally, scream out your joy over finding a rare or even extra rare one. Now a days, that’s all my daughter wants. So our hunt continous, most likely online. Anything and everything is possible, right? And yes, I do believe you’ve guessed it by now, the tsum tsum mentioned in the beginning of this blog post is also a version of these annoying little toys cluttering every inch of her bedroom floor. 😜 But those we can find locally at least!

That’s all for today folks, stay tuned. Until next time, ❤️ from

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