Five lessons learned.

Do not take your daughter to the Embassy pool area after the third day of the third year and especially after she’s had a PE lesson in 30 degrees heat. And if you do decide to do something so stupid – prepare for a major meltdown. And I mean meltdown.

Always wash pants after you’ve purchased them and before you wear them. Especially if they are of a cheaper quality which tend to stain your inner thighs when using them for the first time or you may be in for a nasty shock when visiting the bathroom after arriving to work. Not for the faint hearted.

When trying to quit smoking (one month coming up!!) try not to park yourself in the office just across from the outdoor seating area where all the cool kids hang out with their coffee mugs and love sticks. It may cause a sudden desire to welcome back your long lost friend again.

When in need of a laugh, do go through old documents and find your former, former colleagues “love note” to you from when you had your farewell party in Budapest. You know the one that says that you’re not a real diplomat as you walk around in the office barefoot, that you have a strange relationship to Macy’s in New York and that, for some reason, you always end up talking to the band at receptions (oh come on, who wouldn’t? They’re probably the most interesting people around!)

When packing your household goods, try not to include the only gadget which allows you to communicate with your internet bank while at the same time erase your electronic identification profile. Might cause you some problems, especially since you won’t get hold of it until middle of October.

And if all else fails, do spend an afternoon talking to new colleagues and find yourself realizing that this will be great. When doing so you’ll soon discover that all else simply fades in the background.

Have a good Wednesday my friends.

Love from Beijing. ❤️



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