Happy birthday my love!

Seven years ago today I gave birth to a baby girl. She weighed a whopping 4,3kgs and was 52cm long. And she had no hair whatsoever. But she had amazing blue eyes and a smile that could melt your heart. It was like you had a personality from day one – strong, opinionated & determined to make your voice heard. I didn’t think I was ready (are you ever?) to be responsible for your upbringing but as soon as I saw you, I knew I’d make it somehow.We just fit together. ❤️At 4 months old we dragged you away from the comforts of Sweden and your extended family and took you to Hanoi where you spent your first two years. You learned to walk in a house that was leaning so much that your walker drove itself and you learned to drive in a pink Audi.In a way, you’ve always been fearless. Moving, flying and facing new challenges has never been a problem for you. Sure, you’ve been young still but every challenge we’ve put in front of you, you’ve tackled head on.And you’ve always been a source of smiles and laughter, of entertainment and show stopping outfits. You like standing out. And for that, we adore you!Today you’re a year 3 student. A language connoisseur, a math and animal lover with a strong mind and will. A power house for sure. And even though I’d love for you to stay small and innocent, and despite my fears that we’ll have “interesting” teenage years ahead of us, there’s nothing more I love than watching you grow up. 

I love you Puffin. ❤️ 

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