All you need is love

Strangely enough that’s the sentence that pop up in my head when I look at this picture. I’m scarred after my 3 years living in Liverpool. 😉I was walking on the opposite side of them, heading in a different direction and I just had to snap it, it was the picture of the day for sure. 

First whole weekend in Beijing is coming to an end. And we’ve mostly spent it poolside. As it was Ms S’ birthday yesterday she got to decide what we should do so of course she chose that one.   The fact that her two new friends also happen to live there made the choice even easier. When asked what had been good and what could have been better about her first week in China she answered: “the pool, the school and her new friends” were the best things and the situation could improve only if we could move into our house quicker than in 3 weeks. Patience has never been her strong suit, I can tell you that…

But I’m happy she’s happy. I am relieved that she enjoys school and that’s found some friends already. It makes my life a lot easier. And I do agree with her, moving to the house will be wonderful once it’s renovated. But until that’s a reality, we’ll enjoy what Beijing has to offer, starting with Wagas (great café/restaurant) and the best ice-cream in town. That’ll do. 😊Tomorrow I’m on my own in the office, my week with my predecessor is over and done with so let’s do this. Game on.

Love from Beijing. ❤️

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