The road to work

Lingers alongside a greenish river with evidence of lotus flowers having bloomed over summer. The hanging trees are beautifully decorating the side walk as we walk in the mornings. The mornings are ok, not too hot nor too humid & lately, the air in Beijing has been fantastic, along with blue skies and a roaring sun. It’s a great morning walk for sure. And the fact that my Scooter Girl keeps me company, makes the walk twice as nice. She adores her birthday present and is so grateful for not having to get on a school bus every morning – she calls it freedom. And she’s only 7. 

The road finally ends when I arrive to this beautiful, shabby-chic building located in a bustling part of the town. It’s where I’ll be spending 8 hours of the day, 5 days a week. And I don’t mind to be honest, these two weeks may have been crazy busy (to the point of pure chaos at some points) but it’s also been so much fun. When you find yourself smiling while running around like a mad woman, you know you’re enjoying yourself. And when you wake up in the morning longing to go to work, you know you’ve hit the jackpot.  

So work is a hit. What about the rest? 

Well the whole living in temporary housing is less fun. It works, but I’m so longing to move in to our house, mostly so that we can start cooking properly! There’s a lot of take-away and bagels at the moment… Never thought I’d be tired of bagels but I’m not far off. 

Secondly, I’m starting to realise that it’s pretty expensive in China.. Or at least equal to back home in Sweden. 

Thirdly, there’s nothing you can’t find in TaoBao, China’s own version of eBay or Amazon. Unfortunately though you have to have a Chinese bank card in order to shop there and I don’t.. But friends are good to have 😉

Fourth. Ms Selma has slowly realised that this may be the land where Shopkins and blind bags are made, but it’s not the country where they are sold. So she’s disappointed. But she has unfortunately been made aware of TaoBao so I don’t think we’ll get away with “there are no blind bags in China” anymore. 

And fifth, hubby has already made his mark on Beijing by joining Hey Runners and made friends with the PTA chairwoman. ☺️

So are we happy to be here? Absolutely! Challenges ahead for sure, for all of us. It takes time to adjust. Take Ms S for example, she got invited to her first birthday party today at one of her classmates. But her new best friend wasn’t invited and she was so nervous all morning. What if I don’t know anyone etc. My momma heart almost broke and I promised to stay with her until she felt comfortable. 😔 It took 3 mins and off she went with the rest of the kids and ended up having a blast. 

So yes, we will need some time to get settled in, but when I see my daughter so excited over doing her first Chinese lesson first thing after breakfast on a Saturday morning, I just know we’ll be OK. 

Love from Beijing ❤️

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