Orchids, moon festival & Shopkin success.

Yesterday marked my third TGIF here in Beijing. Hard to believe that it’s been three weeks already.. Time truly flies. 

Next week is mid-Autumn festival in China and moon cakes are coming in in abundance for us to feast on. For those of you who aren’t familiar with moon cakes they are pastries with different fillings, traditionally with some type of lotus or bean paste. As a westerner you would be forgiven for thinking they would be filled with something sweet inside but you would be wrong. So wrong actually. Well at least sometimes. I thought I’d be brave and try some this week and managed to get one which had a hard-boiled salted duck egg yolk in it, the other one had meat. 😳 I didn’t finish any of them (surprise) but not due to taste (the paste surrounding the yolk/meat was kind of good actually) I’m just sceptic about eating anything with meat or egg in it that comes packaged in a plastic container, containing one of those little “anti-moisture” package in it, wrapped up in a fantastic beautifully decorated box. Call me crazy. They are beautifully decorated however.. But yesterday, instead of the traditional moon cakes, I received something that blew my mind. Not that I haven’t seen anything like it before, but it was truly gorgeous. And huge!Just look at this beauty. 🌸 And just like that, my office had an instant make-over. 💕 Now look at that view, bamboo forrest outside my window, purple magical orchid inside. Pure bliss.On that note I’ll end this session by saying that thanks to TaoBao (see previous posts) and fantastic colleagues, I might just win the “Mother of the Year” award as Shopkins should be delivered on Monday…. But we’re not there yet so fingers crossed. 

Love from Beijing ❤️

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