Our first visit to the local “Mothership”

For Trekkers it’s The Enterprise, for Darth Vader it’s the Imperial Fleet & for Swedes it’s IKEA. We call it The Mothership. It calls to us, draws us in with its blue and yellow sign and make you feel oddly “at home” as soon as you step inside its revolving door. And we all know there’s no such thing as a “quick” trip to IKEA. You always end up wondering where the heck the last 3 hours of your life just went?! Or, as in our first encounter with IKEA, China Style, 5 hours. 

So how was our first visit to the Beijing store? Pretty interesting. Considering it was a Monday morning, probably less people than usual. But there was still a line outside when they opened and a rush to the restaurant for breakfast. You see the store itself didn’t open for another 30 mins so they were queueing for breakfast – we for the cinnamon buns😊I’m not gonna bore you with the details, we came, we bought, we ordered home delivery. But we skipped the assemble service as hubby (hold on to something) thinks putting together the flat packs is half the fun. 😳 What can I say, he likes a challenge (he married me didn’t he?) 

So what sprung this visit you might ask? Well, our house is finally finished!! We’re moving in on Friday (hopefully!) But since our cargo is still in transfer, we needed some supply in order to survive for another month or so. So where do you go? IKEA! And don’t forget to pass by the food store on your way out for some well earned treats while assembling those flat packs. 😊

Love from Beijing ❤️

P.s No, this blog post is not sponsored, I’ve just lived abroad for too long and has therefore developed an unhealthy attachment to the blue/yellow store that symbols “home”. D.s

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