Sin City, crisis management & all that base.

That sort of sums up this week spent in Sin City. Bangkok, the city which both fascinates and scares the living crap out of me. A city that never sleeps. My relationship with this town would be given an “it’s complicated ” status on Facebook without a doubt.I’ve been here many times. It was our escape route from Hanoi during our years in Vietnam. I had a major flashback walking up on the Skytrain from the last time we were here, struggling to get a pram up to the BTS. And from when I was here pregnant with Ms S and all I could feel was the heat and the stench of garbage (I blame the hormones). This time was all about work however. Focus was on crisis management and how we deal with certain work related cases. Lots of interesting discussions & lessons learned for sure. And even though it’s hard to learn this old dog how to do new tricks (unless there’s one heck of a treat involved), she can be trained to socialise and meet both old & new colleagues. And that, my friends, is more valuable than any tricks. So in no uncertain terms, these regional meet ups are highly useful.

But it wasn’t all work. Evenings were dedicated to dinners & sightseeing, most notably a river cruise which showcased Bangkok by night (strangely enough a certain song keep popping up in my head every time I say Bangkok & night in the same sentence). The boat may have looked like a spaceship and Elvis may have been brought back to life in a very loud & slightly tone deaf way with a base out of this world (my ears are still sore) but..The view was.. stunning. 👌🏻And the company was top notch. 😊

Another evening was spent at the famous restaurant with the catchy name.At first sight you might think cabbage & condoms sounds like an unsanitary combination but the place is highly recommended, especially since you’ll be eating for a very good cause. Visit their website to read more about them. Website

And the decor, well I’ll let you guess what it’s made of. Feel free to use your imagination.But the lunches weren’t bad either. Or how about this dumpling feast bonanza? It was worth a picture for sure.Now some of you may think “hmm, enough food – where’s the shopping part of this blog post??” (and mind you, I feel your frustration) but there wasn’t much time and I had tiny space left in my hand luggage. But then I met this guy and I just knew I had to adopt him…

Meet our new family member, Mr Mummy. He was born yesterday (I have the birth certificate to prove it). He couldn’t be more adorable or come into our lives more timely. You see Ms S is reading about Egypt in school. So everything nowadays is about mummies and Tutankhamen. It was love at first sight when I introduced them to each other. ❤️

On that note it’s fantastic to be home with the family. Beijing is preparing for its National Day and Autumn is here. I’m a season kind of girl so I love this transition. 🍂🍁 It’s good to be home.

Love from Beijing ❤️

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