Mummies, Tutankhamen and the fear of Zombies

In our home at the moment, it’s all about mummies, Tutankhamen and canopic jars. Do not fear if you have no idea what a canopic jar is. Most don’t. But my 7-year old does thanks to the British curriculum.

I mean, my 7-year old knows how to mummify a person. Well not really, but the gory details she’s been sharing lately is more than enough info for me. ​She’s fascinated I can tell you and she really takes in the whole project. One Friday they even dressed up like archaeologists and went out on a treasure hunt. And all of a sudden I had an Indiana Jones in the family. Not only does she know ancient Egypt in details, she sings about it too. And she knows the lyrics to the song by heart.​I’m positive that Adam Levine highly approves of the use of his “Move like Jagger” tune. It’s rocking after all. 😊

You’ve gotta love it though. Her school has figured out a way to make teaching so interesting that they’ll actually remember what they’ve been taught. But oh my school has completely changed since my days. And I seriously doubt I knew anything about Egypt by age 7. 

So what’s the down side to all this learning ? Well there’s a lot of talk about a visit to the British Museum in London (kind of far to go over the weekend), I’m not so sure I needed to be reminded that they pulled out a person’s brain through his/her nose in the process (and come on, does she?) and despite all this, she’s still afraid of Zombies. To a fault. I don’t understand it. To me it’s (almost) the same… 😉

I can’t wait to see what I’ll learn next!

Love from Beijing ❤️

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