Rebooting, please wait…

That’s how I feel at the moment if I’m honest. Thing is, I’m heading back home to Stockholm for a week for some competence development sessions and I’m not quite sure how much more I’ll be able to fit in my head. But I guess we’ll find out! After 20 years in the business I’m fully aware that you are never fully taught, there’s always something new to learn, but the timing could have been better. I was just in Bangkok and I’m still pretty “new” to Beijing and all this “back and forth ” business is making me lose focus. 

Also, let’s face it, my fear of flying make any type of travelling a horrific experience. I hate not having control. Those of you who know me know exactly what I’m talking about, I’m a control freak. So my trips are never pleasant. Until today…  Like always I was apprehensive when leaving the house this morning. Well basically for two reasons – leaving the fam for a whole week & the flying part. I knew however that my daughter was excited over going to Disney On Ice together with our neighbors so she was happy – but also sad – as she put it at breakfast. Leaving in the car it hit me. It’s an 8 hour flight…. that’s a whole day at work. But imagine my surprise when entering Finnair’s new A350 aircraft, economy comfort class, and realising that I had 3-seats all to myself. It was a dream. But it wasn’t the leg room or the fact thatI could  lie down and sleep for a good 2 hours that made this one of my best flight ever – come on, I’ve flown First Class on Thai Airways – it was the cameras… Two of them in fact. One under the plane and one in the front. These two cameras gave me my control back…​​​ ​​All of a sudden I could see how the plane was flying and follow its path up in the sky. Amazing feeling! And I didn’t even think about the start nor the landing and that my friends, is a first. Just ask my husband’s hands, they’re usually quite squeezed after a take off… 

So it’s not often you will hear me praise and rant about a flight but you will now. Thank you Finnair for amazing 8 hours in the sky. For your comfort economy class, your entertainment assortment, for the noise reduction headphones, for the service but most of all, for the cameras on your plane! They actually made me enjoy a take off and landing for once! And yes, my over-excitement may have something to do with me having 3-seats to myself, allowing me to lie down and sleep well for 2 hours but nevertheless, you’re getting 5 stars in my book! 👌🏻

I’m not “home” just yet though, still at Helsinki airport, but next flight is a mere 50 mins.. Fingers crossed and I’ll be “home” in about an hour or so.

Love from Finland ❤️

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