Welcome to Jet Lag country. We’ve been expecting you.

The jet lag is real in Beijing, that’s for sure.. I’ve been trying to stay awake throughout the day as I’ve slept approximately 7-8 hrs in the last two days. And in those 48 hours I’ve spent approximately 12 hours on the road. Correction – amongst the clouds… So I turned to music. Thank you to whom ever decided that recording songs was a good idea. Couldn’t agree with you more. I’ve stayed awake during the day by listening to hard core rock music at work while being highly efficient of course. As soon as I stopped I started to yawn so more than once I enlisted the help of a very loud Lenny Kravitz. His “American Woman” can keep anyone awake. And with a smile on ones face too. But I think that has to do with his sudden “ah” outbursts throughout the song. 😉 And if Lenny, for some completely unfounded reason couldn’t do the trick, I found myself turning to Guns N’ Roses “Sweet Child of Mine”. Slash’s guitar solo will keep any sane person awake. So thank you Spotify for enlightening my work day. 🎤 My “Favourite list” has been working hard today. 

So was the visit in Stockholm worth the aftermath? I’d say so. Would I say I’m a better leader than I was last week? Not really but I’ve had some pretty useful insights given to me by great colleagues. I’ve also learned a few things about myself. Which is never a bad thing. I’m grateful for the knowledge sharing amongst experienced colleagues. That type of seminar is very much “hands on”. More so then someone standing up on a podium telling you what you can and can not do. Or how to act. Interactive cases with (sometimes) tough discussions are always a preferred method in my mind. Gets your creative juices flowing. 

We also touched on the subject of the  importance of knowing oneself in order to lead others. To realise that we all have strengths and weaknesses and that identifying them (both good and bad ones) is crucial. No one’s perfect and making mistakes is how we learn to move forward. Being a leader is not defined by how many decisions you take or how much money you make. Being a leader is creating a space in where people can grow & fully participate in the goals of the workplace. It’s about understanding that everyone has something to contribute to a team. And if they choose actively not to participate, you can’t take responsibility for their engagement. Nothing new really, but always worth repeating. 

One of my strengths is that after 20+ years I still love what I do. I still consider myself to have the best job in the world. It allows me to interact with different cultures, to live in different countries and face new challenges every couple of years. It’s not easy all the time and it requires you to be immensely flexible & open minded while still having both feet placed firmly on the ground. But it’s worth it in the end. My love for this work also makes me take responsibility for my role meaning I always seek to further educate myself in my areas of responsibility. But I have weaknesses too. I don’t live as I learn – meaning I work on nights & weekends, never fully go into “internet shadow”. And I know that can be stressful to some colleagues. I’m also a control freak. Not that I interfere in people’s work (I think) but I keep an eye on the whole picture at all times. And I require open and effective communication channels in order to keep me sane. I have a severe allergy to wasting time.. So yes, I am most likely described as quite intense. But at least I’m aware of it and can (usually) take a deep breath – or ten – before acting on my impulses. 

Anyhow, great to be back in the saddle at work again and know that I’m not going anywhere now until Christmas. It’s time to get my organisational skills tuned up. 

But first, sleep. Or Lenny Kravitz will be highly abused tomorrow as well..

Love from beautiful Beijing ❤️

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