Expat heaven – our shipment has arrived!

Yesterday morning was like a prelude to Christmas Eve. At 10 o’clock it arrived. Our shipment. It has taken it a whole 3 1/2 months to get here from Ukraine.. all while we have been in the (capable) hands of our Mothership – IKEA. Well that, Jenny Lou’s and our Ayi. 

The excitement was real indeed, I was up early, just like I would be if there was presents on offer.. But it quickly disappeared and was replaced with sheer horror when the foreman Jason pointed on the truck and said “there’s two more coming”. 😳Say what? Oh yeah, now I remember… that’s when it hit me. We have to fit everything in.😱 Thankfully we have a huge basement. So that’s where we’ve put most crap. Some of it though has managed its way through to the living room etc. And to be honest, I almost cried when I saw this old friend.. which is weird, I get it, but when you’ve been living with minimal tools for such a long time, you’re allowed to gush over a KitchenAid. Yes you are. After a couple of hours they had carried in  all the boxes and furniture and just watching the drama unfold was too much for my well organised mind. I had to escape boxes being unpacked, things placed where I did not want them, and a hubby packing for Shanghai. So against my better judgement, we went to Beijings version of Oktoberfest. 

Do take note – it may come handy in the future: “A bow on the left side: She’s available. In this case, flirting is allowed or even desired!” Exclamation point. So you can’t be single and non-flirty? Well good to know. And in case you wondered, no, I broke the dresscode although I’m sure I’d rock the apron look. The evenings company was great, the rest.. well I could have done some unpacking instead to be honest. That was until this happened. The highlight of the evening, for many. ​Not so sure it had to do with the cowbells as much as the performers though. 

After coming back home the energy was drained from my system and we mostly crashed in my very unorganised house. But I rectified that by getting up at 5am doing my thing.. 10 boxes before breakfast. And all of a sudden, the house started to take shape. By now most of it’s in place apart from the art. This puppy included… 
​ The “spooky” mirror I won at a charity auction in Kyiv this spring. I LOVE IT. 😍 It’s so odd & therefore so me. I already have a spot for it, just need to find the drill. I’m pretty sure it’s in one of the 50 boxes in the basement. I guess I’ll leave it for hubby when he’s back from Shangahai. He’ll need something to do next week.. 

Beijing has been on its best behaviour today. Even the air has been on par with Stockholm all day. So with this picture I want to challenge anyone who claims that living in a constantly warm country is the bomb. This amazing shot was taken by yours truly and depicts the street outside our house. Autumn is bloody gorgeous. ❤️🍁🍂Have a great weekend folks! Mini-me and I will do our best not to burn the house down by too much dancing in the living room to Lady Gaga. I’ve taught her well, my little padawan.

Love from Beijing ❤️

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