Problems are meant to be solved. Quickly.

You know you have a problem when your daughter shouts from upstairs “Moooom, could you please take a break & come up and make me breakfast? You can go back down later!!” Down meaning the basement where I’ve been opening & unpacking boxes since 7.30am. No, that’s no joke, unfortunately. I’m on the hunt for the holy grail. Well two actually – our Nintendo Wii so that munchkin stops her obsessive ranting about her desire to “Just Dance” (she is her mother’s daughter after all) and our wifi booster… So far I’ve found a lot of useless and useful crap but nothing in that neighbourhood. Well yes, I did find the remote for the TV. So the score is now Nina 1 – Santa Fe 0. Although I have to give them credit for creativity, I found my 12 year old laughing Buddha in the box marked “tools”. He’s thankfully safe and unharmed. A bit shook up perhaps after a long journey together with Mr Hammer but he went out of that fight as a winner. By 12.30 I had opened and unpacked all boxes with the Santa Fe logo on them (oh yes, we have boxes from previous moves which haven’t been opened for years..) and I’ve only found one of the holy grails, unfortunately not the one that would make my daughter nag less. The wifi booster was a hit however.

As well as my amazing idea to use one part of the wine cellar as a shoe closet. 😂I am thinking the solution would be highly appreciated by moving crew especially as every time another box of shoes or handbags popped up they started laughing and questioned where it would all fit. ☺️

So when I was finally finished (but still no Wii in sight) I sent some “look at me, I’m like the best wifey ever pics” to hubby in Shanghai but with a slightly annoyed caption saying “I’ve unpacked all crap and still no Wii!” (feel free to admire my colour coordination by the way…)

I kind of went @&3@/! on him when he said it MUST be in one of the boxes from the office… “YEAH?! Well then you spend five hours unpacking in a basement with three wild kids upstairs (two on loan) and let me know when You find it”!!!! 

My inner yoga guru (doesn’t exist) decided however to calm down and take a look upstairs amongst all the crap up there. And what do you know, our Ayi had decided it was one of Selma’s toys and put it in one of her toy boxes… I was beyond thrilled let me tell you… and my daughter stood beside me shaking her head, holding her hands over her eyes going “oh no no no mom, you didn’t have to stand down there all morning – it was up here!” Jeez honey, thanks for the info. 

So instead I decided to drop everything and go to lunch with the kids & my colleague instead. Lebanese. Fantastic. And the weather… well what can I say, it’s Beijing autumn at its best. ❤️​​Back at home the nagging started all over, now about installing the Wii so they could play. Which meant I spent an hour after lunch installing the Wii, the PlayStation, the DVD-player and the wifi-booster. So trust me when I say that even though I’m sitting in the sofa with a backache from hell, I’ve still got this somewhat smug smile on my face cause apparently, there ain’t nothing I can’t do. 😉

Love from beautiful Beijing. ❤️🍂🍁

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