My real life Halloween 

My daughter has decided that being afraid is the new black. It apparently fits all purposes & situations. If it’s not killer clowns it’s Zombies or ghosts. This from a girl who watch people open Shopkin blind bags on YouTube, so we’re not really talking about too much Freddy vs Jason (which by the way would scare the living crap out of me). It annoys me. I know it shouldn’t, she’s 7, but it does. I wanna prepare her for walking out of our nest with drive, determination, self-worth & just a little “je ne sais quoi” – some oomph. Mostly because I know just how tough this world can be, especially for women, but also because I decided to stop being afraid a long time ago. I may dislike a whole lot of stuff (like flying for example..) but I would never let that stop me from going. Fear is handicapping. Fear makes you doubt. And fear will hold you back from what you really want out of life. 

So I say no. No daughter of mine shall fear imaginary things. Real things, sure. Like snakes. 😳 Or handwriting homework on a Sunday evening. ☺️Our “girls only” weekend is coming to an end as hubby will be on the morning high speed train back from Shanghai after completing what can only be described as a fantastic Marathon race & new PB – 3:21:00 – 10 mins quicker than the Beijing race in the middle of September. 👏🏻 Well done babes! I still have no understanding for your love of Marathons but I respect your dedication & determination and I’m glad to see it’s paying off! In other news I’m giving up. The decorating part that is. I’m now gratefully handing over the finishing touches to hubby. With a little guidance of course. 😉 I need some art on my walls.. 

So from me & the munchkin – here’s hoping you had a swell Halloween weekend! We sure did. But before I leave you all to your Sunday, I’m sharing my “Sunday on repeat” song for you all to enjoy. Preferably loud while shaking your butt on the living room floor. God knows I’ve done that today. 

Trust me, it works. 

Spooky love from Beijing ❤️🎃

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