The key to a successful relationship.

With me that is as I have no idea about what works for others, is to understand that when I’ve got an idea in my head, there’s no stopping me. You can try, but most likely you will fail. After 10 years hubby’s pretty used to the fact. And there’s no different this time around – I want my house in order and I want it done now. Pretty please. So yes, despite the fact that our household goods only arrrived Friday, pictures are as I write being hung and final touches are made to my sanctuary. Cause that’s exactly what this is supposed to be, a sanctuary. Hence the rush (in my highly organised mind). A place where you can feel safe and cosy, a place where your creativity can go nuts in any and all areas of your choosing. This is my church, this is where I heal my hurt (and yes, God is a DJ, thank you Faithless). Your home – your castle. Especially when you move around so much as we do and even more so when you have kids. It gives them a sense of belonging to have familiar things surrounding them. And to be honest, that’s exactly what Ms S is in need of in order to fight off her demons. Truth be told, she’s used to living in apartments. This whole 2 floor layout which she was so excited about from the beginning didn’t really end up the way she thought..  I mean, who knew that you would have to be alone upstairs sometimes?  No one had informed her of that! 😉 So focus is on the 7-year old at the moment. I want to get rid of those evil thoughts and replace them with creative ones (although thinking of zombies and killer clowns do require a healthy dose of imagination). Hence the snug upstairs sofa/TV hangout area outside her room. Fitted with a picture of Elsa & Olaf and a pile of pics from her amazing stay at Paris Disneyland with her cousins. And yes, she picked out those leopard pillows all by herself.. unfortunately. My minimalistic taste has not rubbed off on her, yet. Just give me a couple of more years… The spider is hers too for that matter.

As for the adult part of the house, well I’m a happy camper. I am starting to think however that hubby might be a bit miffed over the fact that I organised everything at home while he was away in Shanghai.. ooops she says with a smirk on her face.. there came that idea again.. and no one could stop her..The obligatory family pic is hanging in the stairs so you’ll see it when rushing down for breakfast in the morning… or sneaking out to the gym at 6am (hey – it does happen you know!)It’s up! My ghostly mirror. The mirror I just couldn’t let go of at the Charity Auction in Kyiv. The mirror which now hangs in Beijing, miles from it’s home town and bugging the crap out of my husband as it sticks out from the wall & he bumps into it. Eh, he’ll get used to it! 😉We bought this painting in Vietnam. I remember walking past this art gallery on my way to town, saw it in the window, admired it and walked on. But couldn’t let it go. So went back to that gallery and she’s been ours ever since. 💜

Her, and these… my Tintin pictures that I so love. ❤️These puppies brighten up any room in a way that simply makes you smile. Big time. They, together with Buddha, a Dala Horse in concrete from Rättvik (up north in Sweden) and a cupboard from Kyiv make up the entrance of our house. Asia gone Swedish with a Ukrainian twist. It’s a mess, just like our family. 😉

So that’s it – we’ve officially moved in. Apart from some tweaks here and there…. 

Love from Beijing ❤️

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