Punishment, dangerous curves and Jimmy Choos

A wise and slightly sarcastic friend once said that I’ve always been good at punishing myself when I put my mind to it. In that specific case (I’m sure he has more examples to share..) he was referring to my obsession with hitting the gym before going to work. And I did it so well too. Every morning for four months. But since I stopped smoking 3(!!) months ago I’ve been really bad – and that at a time where I should have gone all in..

But this week I took the first step towards making the gym on our compound my best friend. We’re gonna get well acquainted during these winter months. Does it mean I’m fighting to become Asia’s next Top Model? Heck no, I like my curves too much – having an hourglass figure is nothing wrong, but they can be more tamed. The curves I mean 😉 Squats & running will therefore be high on the agenda. Furthermore I’ve realised that I have to start working on my year’s New Year’s Resolution – to learn how to walk in proper heals again. Yes, some people wish for world peace, to be able to quit an addiction or to shed some pounds – I just want to strut my stuff. Call me selfish but all I know is that I’ve wished for all of the above most of my life and it’s never worked so I went for something more feasible this time (my feet won’t agree with my logic but I’ll walk them into obedience..). I’m a slow starter however & considering it’s almost winter, it’s gonna be a challenge.. but I guess the Office will have to do as my catwalk. 👠

So now all I have to do is find the right heals to start with. I know which ones I’m gonna end with however.. my coveted Jimmy Choos. My unused Jimmy Choos. My precious Jimmy Choos. 😍 (come on, I’m a woman, I’m allowed to be all business when I want to and at the same time gush about shoes…) And who could blame me…? It’s time for these puppies to come out of the closet. They’ve earned it. I’ve earned it.

But perhaps not at the office..?

So I’m a woman on a mission. Curves and Choos coming up.

Love from Beijing ❤️

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