Now this is the season….

… for moisturisers, nasal oils and humidifiers galore. This is when stores all across Beijing sell out on anything and everything that can hydrate you in any way possible. It’s winter in Beijing, it’s the beginning of the dry season… 

So I’ve stocked up (a girl’s gotta be prepared). Moisturisers, lip balms (en masse), nasal oils, humidifiers & water, plenty of water. My nose is so dried up however I can’t smell anything & my lips are in need of some serious kissing. By a giant lip balm. I’m literally cracking up. My hair looks fab though. Maybe there’s a Keratin treatment for your body..? They say you shouldn’t shower more than every other day during winter here. You try that one while having found your gym groove again and let me know how it works out for you… then my beauty goddess said – ok ok but shower in cold water then. Que? It’s winter outside & you’re telling me I need to turn down the heat..? You’ve got to be joking. I’d rather be flaking all over.. 

But then it dawned on me. I remembered, my bag of tricks has arrived. My magic solution, my sister in arms, any woman’s absolute best friend.. Rituals Shower Gel & accompanying body lotion. Those two make magic together & we’re having a threesome at the moment. Together with Mr Ginseng Hand lotion. So I confess, a woman’s best friend is not one thing, it’s actually three.. 

Apart from moisturising, the weekend has been about “landing”. No, not on an airstrip, in our house. I’ve been told that you can only be designated as “truly moved in” once your Kitchen Aid has been abused for the first time so I went all in today.. 😉I’m Swedish after all, cinnamon buns are as frequent as our trips to the Mothership (IKEA). And almost as appreciated. At least I made my daughter ecstatic & hubby got to try out the new vacuum cleaner as sugar was all over the place (I had “helpers”.)

But all those buns made me realise I had to work on my own buns as well.. So for the 3rd time this week, I went running this morning. Let me repeat that so you get it – I (meaning me) went running, for the 3rd time this week. Not hubby, me. Now this is the upside of quitting smoking. I finally see an upside to it.. All of a sudden I’ve got my lungs back and I can run. Feels great to be honest.

Apart from running I’ve found another best friend. The punching bag. 👊🏻 I have a feeling he’ll be useful. And do take note of my well chiselled arms. They worked hard this morning.

Love from Beijing ❤️

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