A Mongolia bound sucker for Christmas with an unhealthy relationship with a treadmill.

That’s me. In a nutshell at the moment. 

I’m the girl who wants the Christmas tree to be up at least a month before Christmas Eve (cause how else are you gonna be able to enjoy it?), I want candles in abundance all over the house & I want C-O-S-Y. I mean the whole nine yard kind of Christmas with a sparkling fireplace, Bing Crosby music on in the background and the smell of childhood throughout the house (meaning saffron buns, Glühwine (Glögg) and gingerbread cookies. That’s my kind of Christmas. And it should, if possible, be white white white… covered in big fluffy snowflakes for everyone to enjoy. Please. ❄️❄️

So imagine my despair and the level of jealousy I felt when I saw these pictures posted on Visit Stockholm’s Facebook page earlier today..especially considering we have +12 and grey skies here today. 

It’s my Winter Wonderland ❄️️❄️❄️️ And I’m not there to enjoy it. 😞 Sure, I’ll be home in the beginning of December for a couple of days but I’m sure it’ll be gone by then. And to make it even worse we’re spending this Christmas Eve in Singapore.. zero chance of snow although plenty chances to snuggle up with my nephews, in the pool, I guess. But it has to be said that my Christmas heart is kind of breaking.

Having said that, I’m hoping to see some of the white stuff in the near future as I’m heading to…Yup, I’m finally going to see the mythical land of Mongolia. Ulaanbaator that is. I’m so excited. 👏🏻 I promise to take pictures and tell you all about later.. 

Now what’s up with that unhealthy relationship between me and a treadmill? Those of you who know me well also know I’ve hated running for a very long time now. Yes I know, I keep telling my daughter that hate is a strong word to use, but when talking about running, that specific word has been a very used and abused one for me. Hate. So what’s happened all of a sudden? This morning I ran a solid 30 mins without break. And I could have kept going had it not been for work. That’s simply not right in the world of Ms L. Unheard of to be honest. It’s the new non-smoking version of me. We’re not really friends, me and the treadmill,(seeing we’ve been sworn enemies for such a long time) but like with the President-Elect whose name we don’t say out loud – I’m guessing it feels extremely alien at the beginning but somehow, at some point in time (perhaps…), we simply have to accept each other and in the end, perhaps even tolerate one another. To an extent. But we’ll never fully love each other, that’s for sure.

Love from Beijing ❤️

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