May your coffee be strong and your Monday short.

People, I can not find my pre-Christmas spirit. It’s lost on me although we are in the middle of November already. On the other hand, who can blame me, just look at my outfit for today..Converse in the middle of November? Well yeah, if the temperature says +14 and blazing sun, go for it girlfriend (even though you’re at work). But I consider today to be a “middle day” as I wasn’t even supposed to be here. I was supposed to be in Ulaanbaatar where the snow is lying thick and the temperature is down to -20, had my hat and gloves ready and brought out the big winter coat just for the occasion. But it’s not really needed here in Beijing. Not yet at least.

Because this was Beijing today.. amazing blue sky and sunshine all over. It’s on days like these being here is pure magic. Coming out of the office and seeing this. Complaining would be utterly pointless.I kind of wish however that I hadn’t woke up at 5am this morning due to a stuffy nose, unable to go back to sleep.. That early morning then led me to the gym at 6am this morning. Probably not the best idea. Especially when you have a cold. I’m exhausted and it’s only lunchtime… Luckily, since I wasn’t supposed to be at the Office today, I have no meetings or “must do’s” on the agenda so I’m pampering my cold this afternoon. 

May your coffee be strong and your Monday short! 

Love from Beijing ❤️

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