Pampering, shopping & Champagne. 

Welcome to my Saturday. Yes, you read right, this is exactly what I’ve been doing today. I’ve been pampered in the company of fabulous Ms Lotta. A woman of my taste who understand that just once in a while you need to take your girlfriend away from all that work and simply, play. Like grown ups. 😉

So our morning started with laying down our tired and aching bodies on these..Cue the brutal Asian lady who quickly decided that her mission today was to bring back life back to my back thighs and shoulders. And she did. ❤️ All while I was cringing badly at the pain and staring down at these through the hole of the table..Could have been worse. After 90 mins my body was thoroughly looked after and we left with a smile, looser limbs and that glowing feel you get after having half a litre of oil pounded into your limbs.

After the massage we took a stroll through Sanlitun on a mission to get to our designated lunch place. Champagne on the menu! We ended up in the middle of the Preview of Fantastic Beasts. You may not see it in the picture but people were running around with wands and capes. It premieres next week and is on the “to see” list for sure. Without the cape and wand though.. 

We continued to walk across the area towards the restaurant and I casually suggested walking through COS to see if they had anything nice. Little did we know that Ms L would walk out with a new fab coat and me.. well my shopping spree just seem to continue lately. Pen skirts, dresses, jackets, coats and now jumper and blouse. I’m getting a whole new wardrobe it seems… 😍 Well you won’t hear me complaining anytime soon.. neither will my wardrobe.

After COS our stomachs were in uproar so we went straight to the Restaurant. Cue the bubbles and the Tripple A Sandwich –  Avocado, Asparagus and Artichoke on Sourdough… 😘

Not the time to complain really. Not at all.

A lot of talk, drinking and eating later we moved over next door and had our hands and feet done. With an extra portion of foot massage.. 

So there you have it folks, a dreamy Saturday in the company of a good friend. My body and mind are both very grateful. 😇

Love from Beijing ❤️⛩

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