A week of snow and Christmas preparations.

It’s been a week of firsts. Snow started the trend. Woke up on Monday morning to some white stuff.. not a whole lot but enough to get me closer to some sort of Christmas mood. It was truly beautiful. ❄️

Strange feeling though exiting the gym and finding the pool where we used to swim around filled with leaves and snow crystals. A far cry from a couple of months ago…So Winter has arrived to Beijing for sure.

This Sunday marks First of Advent, a very strong tradition in Sweden, and one fully focused on bringing light into darkness. It has always been a tradition at my previous workplaces that we have “pimped up” the offices with Advent Stars and other trinkets but I found out yesterday that that has not been the case here in Beijing.. Until yesterday.I decided on the spot to visit the Mothership in order to right this wrong and to bring light even into this workplace. I took a couple of colleagues and we became the unofficial Office Santas. We simply had to.Upon return to the office I sent out a message for Christmas volunteers and together we took over one of the conference rooms and started “Operation Christmas”. All while Bing Crosby music flooded the room and Gingerbread cookies were served. It was a great ambience and a fantastic Team Work effort. 

And the result…Pure Magic. 

Love from Beijing ❤️⛩

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