Me, my Kenwood and I

I got a present yesterday. My early Christmas gift.. It’s something I’ve wanted since last Christmas when I was standing kneading a dough by hand as my Kitchen Aid couldn’t muster the heavy dough. I got a Kenwood. 😍Hello puppy and welcome to the family. We’ve been longing for you…. or rather I have! We will have so much fun together and I won’t need shoulder reconstruction after Christmas prepping. 💪🏻

But the day of giving didn’t end with the Kenwood edition to the family. You see, the recipe for “my” famous Saffron buns require fresh yeast as I use cold milk and room temperature butter. Dry yeast isn’t as good for those kind of doughs. So we’ve been searching in shops, on Internet forums & I’ve even consulted the Head Baker at one of the largest Hotel Bakeries here in Beijing. No, unless you order, you won’t find any… 😩 So I had kind of given up hope and was prepared to try it with dry yeast. Little did I know that our Ayi had been on TaoBao (Chinas version of a pimped up Amazon) where you can literally find ANYTHING. Including fresh yeast apparently…☺️A whole kilo as well! So I can bake as much as I want!! 👏🏻👏🏻 She’s the best. ❤️

So this morning it began.. out came my saffron/cognac mix & it was time to get the Kenwood to work.

It’s always a little nerve racking when you’re using unfamiliar ingredients at the first time and when you don’t know how the yeast will react for example but OMG..The feeling I got when opening the fridge and saw how my dough had double in size after 15 mins in the fridge!! 💜 I shouted out loud I can tell you… 

The rest was easy.. mixing the almond paste with butter, sugar & saffron mix and adding it before turning them into gorgeous little tasty buns..

It’s also a very easy dough to handle and you don’t have to wait and wait like you do with “normal ones”. You put it in the fridge for 10 mins, you bake them out & then you let them rest on a tray in room temperature for an hour..

10 mins in the oven later magic has happened. And all of a sudden my daughter has that look on her face – the same look as when she gets to open presents…And who can blame her really? This is perfection on a tray. Just ask our guests who just left… 😉

Love from Beijing ❤️⛩

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