Black nails, a Hawaiian fairytale & a pimped up Christmas tree

What more could you possibly ask for? Let me start with the Hawaiian fairytale – Moana. Listen, if there is ONE film you should take your kids to this year (or what’s left of it) it’s this one. It’s mesmerisingly beautiful, it’s fun, it’s about a strong girl and friendship. It has all the classic features but still there’s a twist to it. Can’t put my finger on it, it’s simply beautiful. 💜

Moana trailer 

So thought my daughter whom actually sat through her first film without asking “when is it finished?”. That, and the 3 hour birthday party that followed in an indoor playhouse here in Beijing made it all in all a good Sunday for her. 

And what did her parents do while she went all in at the playhouse? Well they went on a wild goose chase to the flower market. We needed plants! With wild goose chase I mean we walked, and walked and walked in icy cold winds and with me sporting a migraine on my left side of the head. You know, one of those headaches that makes you squint & close one of your eyes in order to shut out the daylight. That type of headache. But we managed to get there after having walked around the (big) block consisting of mostly, the US Embassy. And plants we got, for the living room, for the bedroom and some Christmas Stars as well. 🌺

But what we didn’t manage to have time for was assembling and decorating the Christmas tree. Yes, we have a fake one, but it’s not a “normal” fake tree.. it’s a beautiful giant. And I like to enjoy it for more than a week so I usually persuade my hubby that it should go up to First of Advent. He’s stopped fighting it. But Monday after work, it happened…And let me explain something. This is MY tree. My daughter has her own which she can decorate but this is mine… it mostly ha to do with the ornaments. Some of them are from “The Mothership” (see previous posts) but most of them are, to me, precious and can’t be replaced..

Like these ones which I bought in NYC on a trip to NYC in 2007. Adorable. They are definitely my favourites and get wrapped in thoroughly every year.. ❤️Or the ones we got at Disneyland Paris (in June I should mention…)

As you can see, it’s a Disney tree for sure. And it has to be decorated while listening to old school Christmas music. Traditions are meant to be kept… 😉

So you see, I’m starting to like our little hideout. ❤️ There’s a lack of the white stuff but plenty of spirit.And of course, since the house is all pimped out, I had to get in the mood too. Presenting my nails, Christmas Edtion 2016 – matte black gone French. I love them. 🌑

Love from Beijing ❤️⛩

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