Come fly with me

back in Beijing after a couple of days back home. Yes, it’s confusing, I have two places that I call home. One where my family is, which is not dependent on a specific spot and then the country to which I belong. After having lived abroad for such a long time it sometimes gets confusing as to where I belong. But that doubt disappears every time I place my feet on Swedish soil. I am a restless soul however and I am fully aware that the longing I feel when temporarily at home will probably turn into frustration at some point. So no point in staying on too long, instead I tend to enjoy the moment and survive the flights back and forth as it’s not really a two hour flight.And for someone who requires a lot of mental preparation for getting on a plane, these trips are exhausting as well as exciting and requires an airline I feel comfortable with. Like Finnair. Yeah yeah, I know you shouldn’t support the competition but I kind of like them. Simple, service minded and easy going.Flying home with them requires a pit stop but I do love exploring new places, and Helsinki Airport is no excuse. I am mildly in love with the place. Size wise it’s perfect and it’s not as busy as many other airports. It’s relaxing even.And during Christmas, it’s more beautiful than ever.

I thought my three hour stop-over would drive me slightly insane (it’s that restless part of me again..) but it didn’t. I simply parked my behind at Starbucks and enjoyed a Heart Shaped Coffee while charging my phone for the long haul flight. All while watching big fluffy white snow flakes falling down outside. Finland finally delivered something Sweden never  did. Snow. Unfortunately though, nothing I could enjoy in person.The three hours flew by. I did some shopping and ate dinner before boarding the plane that would take me back to Beijing. I knew from the check-in at Arlanda that the plane was mostly full and I was bracing myself for getting cosy with my co-passenger. To my surprise the seat next to me was empty which meant I flew home in comfort. Well, not business class comfort but Economy Plus comfort at least. 😉It hits me every time I look at this flight map that the there are still many places on the map to explore. But I can tick off quite a few. 😊

No matter whether or not I’m comfortable up in the air, there’s no denying that it’s beautiful up there.And there is no disputing that the world is indeed round. Anyone disagreeing can simply get up there and see it for themselves.You never know what weather to expect when landing in Beijing. Air wise. And it wasn’t the best upon landing. But the sun was trying to get out from the smog which gave it a weird sense of beauty anyway so the ride home still became extremely scenic.

And as Beijing is a city that constantly surprises you and is full of contrasts, the morning turned into a beautiful afternoon due to a northern wind blowing the smog away. Beijing is truly a city of surprises. And it’s good to be home.

Love from Beijing ❤️⛩

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