From Beijing to Singapore with love.

Christmas will be spent under palm trees and in 30 degrees heat this year. Breaks my Christmas heart in many ways but at the same time, that’s where my boy’s are at. 👌🏻 I haven’t seen them since the this summer so I’m looking forward to some serious snuggling. Not so sure they agree though. But that’s the fun part of being an aunt, you kind of do whatever you want. ☺️

The morning didn’t get off to a great start however, at 5am when the alarm clock was supposed to go off, instead of the usual ringtone I heard a “Mooooom, I think I just threw up…” 😳 No no no no no no.. was the only thought going through my head. And there she was, sitting in bed all pale. But no fever, nothing. Hubby and I looked at each other with panic in our eyes. Should we or shouldn’t we…? But we had to try. So off we went to the airport. She threw up three times in the taxi (we were prepared however…), twice at the airport and now twice on the plane. As soon as she drinks anything, we’re back at it. But still no fever. So I have no idea what it is. Exhaustion? I’m just hoping she won’t spark a fever before we arrive. I’ve been in the air too much lately. Just came back to Beijing a week ago and on another today. Long time since I flew Singapore airlines though so will be interesting to see how they compare to the usual suspects. Traffic out to the airport was mayhem, never seen anything like it. We were clearly not the only ones heading out of Beijing at the crack of dawn. It was a beautiful morning though, watching the sun rise behind the airplanes was magical and the sky was pure blue. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Beijing may have some challenges when it comes to the air quality but it’s not as bad as I thought it would be and when it’s good, it’s fantastic. But not only was the airport beautiful this morning. The take-off provided us all with fantastic views. A far cry from when I landed a week ago and could hardly see out of the window… 

Half way through our journey Ms S decided enough is enough & got much better. She even started to drink and eat small crackers. A huge leap from earlier in the day. The decent to Singapore provided us with equally beautiful scenes almost 6 hours after take off from Beijing. Coming in over Malaysia and landing on the small island which inhabits a mere 5 million people. That said, it’s pretty crowded.

Right now, all I’m looking forward too is some RnR, poolside with a good book. Because honey, I’ve so earned it. 

Love from Singapore. ❤️

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