“East Coast, West Coast Holiday Inn”.. say what?

We travelled east today. To explore another side of the this island. We were in search of a park for the kids to get out some steam in and some coffee for the parents. It took five minutes of park play before the heavens opened up.So we had to relocate to the golden arch, much to the happiness of the kids. And let me tell you, when it rains in Singapore, it pours. ☔️️​​I love it though. After it stopped they went back to the park for a couple of minutes but since it was more a water park than anything, we decided to relocate to the beach instead. 

And just like that, at the tender age of 7, my daughter met the ocean as a friend. Gone was the fear, present the curiosity. It wasn’t long before all three cousins had their feet in the ocean, building sand castles at the shore line. All in all, a fantastic day on the East Coast. Just let go and let yourself daydream. ❤️

Love from Singapore 🇸🇬 

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