Sentosa Cove. Where the yachts lay thick & the pizzas are long.

We went out for dinner yesterday after a day of relaxation and Christmas candy making. The combination of Christmas preparation and pool hanging is simply weird and one I’ll never get used to. The two should be separated and never get mixed up ever again. Next Christmas shall be spent in a cabin in the woods, surrounded by snow. Lots and lots of snow. And Bing Crosby. But yesterday was all about family which is why we are here. It’s not about the sunshine, the pool or the palm trees. They’re just the sideshow. But it’s a nice sideshow and provides a fantastic background it has to be said. 🌴 I have to admit though that ever since my brother-in-law cued me in that he had run into a cobra while out walking a couple of days ago, my eyes are firmly planted on the ground. Sure, it was in a more wood like environment than the pavement leading to Sentosa Cove ☺️. It still, they’re around…

The harbour is beautiful during the evening and there’s a long line of restaurants to choose from. We chose “Big Fat Mama” and went for the 1 meter pizza to share.. It was huge but we were five adults and three kids so it disappeared quickly. And after came ice-cream. 🙈 (good thing I’ve found the gym here too..) 

But that wasn’t the grand finale. The open sky was. Just when we finished, the heavens opened up. So me and mini-me had to entertain ourselves while waiting for the rain to stop. Thank you Snapchat. 😂

All in all a great evening in the company of family. ❤️ And I can’t get enough of this pup, auntie’s stubborn 6-year old. 😍

Love from Singapore ❤️

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