Palawan beach, the place where my thighs became a darker shade of red.

We spend yesterday by the beach. We started off with the munchkins at a water land, playing pirates. 

The whole place was a hit. Even for me and sis who could spend most of our time on a mat under the palm trees and watch how the two of them played away. They only graced us with their presence for 3 reasons; food 

peace negotiations (or rather gossiping on what the other one did)or to see if any of us were in the mood to go down the slide. We could handle one & two but number three was out of the question.

By early afternoon we were joined by the men, and grandma, so we moved place to the Bora Bora Beach Club instead. I was questioning our sanity being out under the sun for a whole day, especially with my lily white daughter, but we went anyways. And it was gorgeous. 

I didn’t have anything to complain about to be honest. Until we got home that is and I realised that not only did we forget to put sun screen on lily white’s face 😳 I also forgot my legs.. And considering this is how I spent most of my afternoon.. Let me assure you that an ouch is not uncalled for… What can I say, we’re rookies. 🙈

Love from Singapore ❤️

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