Singapore Science Center, where I discovered white matter of the brain. On canvas.

Who knew I would fall in love with white matter of the brain at the Scientific Center here in Singapore? And on canvas. I so want these in my house. 

They are truly amazing. ❤️

But we weren’t there for the canvas prints, we were there to entertain the Trio of Cousins. They were in need of their daily “no iPad-zone fix”. I wasn’t thrilled as Science Centers are usually more my hubby’s area of interest, not mine, but I’m here to hang out with the boys so hang out I will! 😍 And we discovered so much today. Everything from tornados..​​To how building shakes during earth quakes. 

To underwater worlds…To planet earth..We saw stuffed butterflies as part of the Alfred Russel Wallace exhibition..And we met some truly special characters.. like this guy. I’m a fan.He would fit in well with my white matter canvases. 

All in all a day of exploring and learning about different things in the company of three amazing kids. 💕Tomorrow we’re prepping for Christmas Eve (yes, we celebrate on the 24th)  and doing some last minute shopping. No, I’m still not in Christmas mood but I’m hoping I will be sooner rather than later. 

Until then, let me leave you with the following question of the day. I’m definitely something. 😉

Love from Singapore ❤️

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